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Spring Break Active Style!!

This past week was spring break, and it was a busy time indeed! School has been extremely hectic, so after finishing a test and receiving a take home exam, I rushed home to Golden for a few festivities! I had plans to meet three of my friends from Texas A&M, Melissa, Sean, and Amanda for a couple of days of skiing in Copper. My mom and sister decided to join me, which made me extremely happy. I always love skiing with my mom because we both love spending a whole day on the moguls and in the natural alpine environment. It was a blast to ski with my Texan friends, and even though it was at times challenging for them and I had to recruit the help of my mom (the master of teaching skiers), by the end of the second day everyone was comfortably skiing blues and smiling the whole way down! I was so grateful to see the friends I cherish so deeply and hardly get to see. I can't wait to see all of my TAMU Triathlete friends at Nationals in Clemson in April!

After the second day of skii…