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USAT Age Group Nationals (Omaha) - August 13

Saturday, August 13th, was a first for me. I went to Omaha, Nebraska, to compete in USAT Age Group Nationals. I’ve competed in Collegiate Nationals three times before, but never age group. Mostly because I’ve never qualified. As a collegiate racer, I was always stacked against a large field of women my age, and never placed highly. For me, it took racing a normal triathlon outside of the collegiate circuit and shooting for the podium. In order to qualify for AG Nats, you need to place in the top 10% of your age group at a USAT sanctioned race. If your age group is less than 20, that means getting 1st. I barely managed to do that in June at the Colorado Sprint Tri, and got my qualification email about a month later.

At first, I wasn’t too excited about spending the money to travel to Omaha and get a hotel just to get my booty kicked by a bunch of women of high caliber, but I sent out an inquiry to my former CSU Tri-mates to see who was going. There was a decent sized group planning to …