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Do you like Sia? Do you like Dancing? Read on!

March Update:
Howdy folks! I’m posting a monthly update on life and training, since I’ve only got the Ironman planned this year, and I wanna fill you in on more than just one race. Read on for a few exciting items.
Yesterday was the 3 year Cancerversary for my mom! Meaning, 3 years ago on March 5, her life changed forever. She was given 2 years to live, and it was a dark time for all of us. Thanks to a lot of perseverance, strength, love, and Epic Experience, we’ve all pulled out of that place and live our lives fully. I am so so thankful and blessed to have my mom for another year. Take that, cancer! She wrote about it on her Caring Bridge Site, which you can find here.
In other news, even sweaty triathletes clean up nice. February 18th was the Epic Experience Hearts and Hope Gala! This was an exciting culmination of the year for Epic, and I was so honored to attend and be a part of the celebration. I brought 3 of my girlfriends to join me for drinks, auction, and dancing. We had …