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The Grind and How to be Crazy

A recent Monday I came into work and my coworker asked me about my weekend.
“It was pretty good, I had a really fun brick workout this Saturday!” He proceeded to say, “I assume every workout you do is fun to you though, right?” “Well, no, some of them really suck. And some of them I just don’t want to do at all.”
This was when I got a slight smirk. A smirk that said “I knew you were crazy for training for this Ironman, but you must really be crazy if you don’t enjoy all of it.”
Reflecting on the word “fun” is like reflecting on the word “happy”. When I think of the word fun, I think of roller coasters. I think of playing games and laughing. It’s a state of being that, in all actuality, is rather fleeting. Just like how the word happy implies a state of permanence. Am I unhappy? Absolutely not. But I don’t sit at my desk at work all day with a grin on my face. I really felt that this concept was opened up to me by The Oatmeal’s Cartoon: How to Be Perfectly Unhappy. You can find it