First Post!

How do I begin? I've never been one to consider putting up a blog about myself, but I suppose this past year has been one with a lot of changes. The main purpose of this blog is to give a home to my stories this year, both racing and moments I share with my family. Additionally I have decided to race for an amazing organization called Epic Experience (more to come on that later), and my hope is that this website keeps family and friends updated on my endeavors and experiences. So here goes, welcome to my blog!

If you don't know me, my name is Ali, and I'm currently a graduate student at Colorado State University. Growing up in Colorado, I always enjoyed sports and being outdoors, but it was in my undergraduate career at Texas A&M University that I developed a passion for racing triathlons. To me, its more of a lifestyle than a sport, and I've been hooked for four years now. I've raced a lot and have learned a lot, but by no means am I an "elite" athlete or a professional. The main reason I train for triathlons and race them is because there is nothing that makes me feel more alive than to push my boundaries and explore the world on two wheels or my own two feet. Running, biking, and swimming bring me back to a more raw sense of accomplishment, and it also gives me that precious time to be with my own thoughts and face whatever has been hiding in the back of my mind all day.

This year I will be racing not just for myself, but for those that also pursue a life of adventure, accomplishment, and vitality. I want to bring awareness to an amazing camp called Epic Experience that helps cancer patients like my mom to realize their full potential. Hopefully through my racing and through sharing my story as the daughter of a Cancer Thriver, others will feel compelled to help the cause or spread the word. Thanks for reading!


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